Negativity is the poison to the soul. It cripples, drags down, and disables people from living a free and adventurous lifestyle. The offspring of negativity is hatred, despite, and regret. It controls us in ways we can’t even imagine.

All the while positivity conducts freedom, thankfulness, and purpose. While negativity walls off the possibility of living the way we truly want to live, positivity is the wrecking ball. It breaks barriers, it creates curiosity, creativity and innovation. It changes lives.

Using Positive Energy

Realizing that being positive about life reaps the best outcomes is just the beginning, it is simply unreasonable for any person to be able to be happy all the time, that is just not how our emotions work. But the key is using our mental energy, not to rant or complain, but to use it to be kind and have gratitude about life. Kindness reaps benefits far beyond what is above the surface.

We live in a consumerism culture, where seemingly everyone just wants to make a quick buck and move on with their life. Our relationships are short and brief, and once an individual no longer needs the benefits of the other, we move on. But deploying kindness towards people we meet not only leaves them better than we found them, it gives life purpose and meaning.

An example of this in real life is when my fiance and I volunteered at Grace Centers of Hope, A homeless shelter where we went to serve meals at. The moment we stepped into the shelter, we could feel the energy change. The people their had a mission to help the people in the shelter and all their energy was focused on treating them the best they could. They deployed kindness towards the individuals that were in the shelter, and it was addicting. We have been back multiple times just to serve. It betters us as people and it gives us a purpose, to go serve the community by serving meals.

Choose to give your life purpose, choose positivity.


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