Experiencing new things is a part of life, especially from a young age, but in today’s super sonic culture, it is a lost art. Many are fearful or scared of leaving their comfort zone because they do not want any change in their life, but actually pushing the boundaries of our man made comfort zone can have some serious health benefits. It’s incredibly important to be trying new things to constantly be getting the most we can out of it.

The biggest way we can push our comfort zone is through traveling, if at all possible seeing new countries and cultures. I know that this is not feasible in many cases, but it’s so important that we take any chance we have to see the world. Traveling reaps the best benefits in terms of mood, it boosts self confidence, it gives you new stories to tell, that often will keep us away from the same negativity we are often surrounded with by friends and colleagues, and it also teaches you more than any class could ever teach. 

Traveling is a very expensive way to spend time and is not feasible all year long, so the second thing that we can do to boost our day to day mood is just trying new things. This can stretch from going to as many concerts as you can to going hiking on the nearest trail. Anything to experience something new can provide us with feelings of accomplishment and happiness. 

I cannot stress the importance of nature in boosting happiness, experiencing new things many times will be going out and enjoying a new trail in the area or just going out to enjoy the fresh air to get away from it all. Nature walks and trails are by far the cheapest ways to experience new things. Most trails are free so a day trip out to a certain hiking trail can boost our mood immediately. Especially look for trails that lead up to a view. A view where you can just see for miles in my own experience just gives me a sense of bliss and excitement. Overall it is incredibly important to try new things and always be doing all you can to experience all that life has in store for us. Life doesn’t have to be a drag, it’s time to get out there and experience something new. It could change your life.


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