I have noticed a trend in today’s society, the pity party. We love to spend our mental energy by pitying ourselves in hopes that our peers pity us. We rant, we complain, and we argue about who has the worst experience, and this depletes our mental energy more than anything else ever will.

Mental energy is something we spend each and every day, the choices we make decide how we spend that energy, it is the currency of the body. Choosing to use our mental energy most effective provides the best results. This is the biggest element that determines whether we live a productive and prosperous life, or suffer with negative feelings of regret and laziness. 

Choosing to complain has a number of consequences, firstly, it takes up so much mental energy that many people do not have the capacity to see any good in life, if all one can do is complain to the point that they are mentally exhausted, then continue to complain about that as well. Secondly, it drops the moral of our peers, it makes us less desirably as human beings in all forms, romanticly, through friendships, and even family relationships, negativity always makes us appear less desirable the more negative we are. 

We need to decide to choose love, choose to love yourself and others around you, choose to love life and get the most out of the experiences we face day to day. Choose to be positive even when days are dim, be willing to see past the darkness to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In doing so life seems to be a bit less sad, and the gloomy clouds will break apart to the sun shining through, stop the negativity, choose to be positive. 

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