The word “passion” gets thrown around left and right these days. It has been coined as the key to happiness and just find your passion! While it is easy to say that finding your passion will bring you joy, executing it is a different story. I do agree that finding your passion is incredibly important, throwing around high in the sky phrases is completely useless without key information about turning it into action.

The single best advice I can give you is to try new things. Try everything you can think of, buy new clothes, learn about history, go for nature walks, work out, anything and everything until you find the thing that makes you tick. Trying new things will eventually lead you hope and purpose. 

For me, the past few months my interests have been flipped on its head multiple times over. During the school year I dressed up every day and was very into the business culture, that has completely flipped over to where now I want to be in nature as much as I can and longboard. 

Finding your passion does not have to be all thought, it requires action and action is what must be done to really find what will give you joy. Finding your passion doesn’t have to be the end all be all, just do what you love with the time that you have.

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