One of the pinnacles of living a positive lifestyle is finding joy where it is hard to find. Appreciation is the gateway to happiness even when there is little to be happy about, even when the shores are rough it is important to realize how beautiful the ocean truly is. 

The way I find joy is through beauty and art, but not just in the magnificent art around the world, but also within nature, God’s artwork. Even when I am having a rough day, like someone was rude to me at work, or I wasn’t very productive. It can be easy to get down in the dumps, but going outside and seeing how artistically clouds are aligned, or seeing how trees branch out in twisted magnificent ways, or the beautiful wild flowers that most take for granted, it can give us a reason to smile, we can have gratitude for the things we see in our daily life.

Gratitude is not something we just have, it’s a skill that must be practiced and it is one of the most important activities that should be practiced to live a joyous life.


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