Friends surround us, whether they be part of our family, or people from school/work we are always around them. They define how we live our life, and such must be careful examined to determine whether we have the right influences in our life. 

It is well known wisdom that we are the average of our 5 most close friends. Which is the absolute truth, we develope habits and thinking patterns that the people we hang out with have. So it is very important in order to have a healthy positive lifestyle, that the people we hang out with are actively pursuing that as well. 

One thing that can be done to achieve this is make new friends, it may seem foreign but now that we have the internet we can always find people that are interested in what we are interested in. And we can pursue blog writers, and instagramers that want to live a healthy and stress free life and connect with them like never before, we can share adventures with the world. This way we can always have support there ready to help us through the hard times. We can be successful in maintaining a positive lifestyle and reaping the benefits from that healthy mindset in life.


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