The very reason we all learn to focus on positivity is we allow ourselves to grow, personally and emotionally. We learn to focus on the good to feel more fulfilled and live a life with much less regret, but sometimes in order to grow we need to cut out the weeds, or those people that make growing emotionally just plain impossible.

It may be a stage of life or just negative people, but we all deal with individuals that just bring us down. They create a relationship that just drains us and keeps us from growing, they are weeds. We need to learn to cut the weeds out of our life. It may be a family member, it may be a bad friend, we all have someone that keeps our opinion from being heard and they must be cut out. 

Do not let them drain you. I currently am struggling with family matters with my parents, and it is a real challenge to tell myself daily that my feelings are more important than what they say to me. I am choosing to make my own opinion of myself more important than their opinion of me, which allows me to grow on my own terms. I encourage everyone to keep self love at number one and do not give up on loving yourself daily. 


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