In today’s world, everyone has an opinion and especially today, opinions are becoming more and more abrasive and willing to push others out of the way to make it more widespread in today’s society.

While fewer opinions are becoming more widespread, more and more opinions are being discarded as unimportant. It is so so so important that we value our own opinions over the opinion of others, even if it isn’t popular opinion in the culture which we live in.

The most important is that we learn to love ourselves even if others do not. If family members or friends are rude and say mean things, we must be able to value our own opinion and be able to say that “it doesn’t matter, because I know that I am worth it.” 

Even beyond that we must have the willingness to pursue what we love, even if it isn’t cool to do. Do try to please everyone around you, because the opinion that matters most is your own, so do what you love even if it isn’t popular. Never stop pursuing what you love, no matter the cost.


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