Neglect is something we all go through, whether within a relationship, friendships, or even at home, it is very possible that neglect will happen at some point in our life. It may be that silence you hear as you talk about your favorite hobbies with friends, or the incapability to impress your parents or peers just due to neglectfulness on their part.

But you know what? Who cares. Our lives were not meant to impress everyone, we are not here to make everyone happy, we are here to joy and purpose in our own life. So the only opinion that ultimately matters is your own. Who cares if nobody else thinks you are doing the right thing or even if your boring, do what you love and never look back. Do not keep hanging on to the crowd that neglects you, branch out and the right group of people will find you and you no longer will have to try to impress to have your voice heard. So go out and stop impressing others, impress yourself.


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