Loving others is something we do all the time, whether it be family, friends, or romance, love is a daily part of our life. The world is also a messy world, with messy people that have messy problems. Some of these problems leave emotional scars that are bound to come up in relationships, big and small.

The most important thing we all have to realize is no one has gone through what we have and we have not gone through what other people have. This is so crucial, especially when loving people with deep scars from past experiences. 

I have learned this through my fiancé. She has deep emotional scars through relationships that have hurt her, and loving her through the pain can heal those scars, even though she has relationship pains I choose to love her in all times. And to cherish and love her even during her off days. It is during days like these that I often look back as proof that I know we are meant to be, we are stuck like glue because we push through the bad days. Always choose to be there for loved ones, always choose to love them with kindness that is unmatched, because they deserve a love like that. So love them unconditionally.

God Bless,

Andrew Ulrich

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