We are Andrew Ulrich and Jocelyn West (soon to be Ulrich). We are engaged as of March 18, 2017. We met at the same university and have just continued to fall more in love with each other daily, while pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle that is centered around our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We hope that we can reach many within our same faith but also to many others because a positive attitude is something that can be carried across many different religions and cultures. We have a passion for having a positive attitude and finding new ways to express that, and we hope we can share that with you!

Andrew is a Junior in college majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He is very skilled in doing everything artsy and blows my mind with his creativity! He has a heart for serving others and working to better the community, in which we live, as well as seeking to better the lives of others around the world. He loves to get outdoors and spend time in the sun, as well as trying new things. He has a passion for serving within the church. He is a huge influence on my spiritual walk and continues to encourage others in their walks with Christ. He loves outdoor sports, played soccer for 6 years at club level and his school team, and he loves long boarding! One thing that he tries to do is to try things out of his comfort zone daily! He does this to try to get the full experience out of life and find more things he loves and enjoys to add to his positive attitude!

Jocelyn is a Senior in college majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Social Justice. She is very loving and kind and has a heart for serving and caring for others. She also expresses a love for those around the world that suffer from Human Trafficking. She loves bike riding, inline skating, kayaking, and trying new outdoor sports. She also played soccer and volleyball throughout her years of school. One thing that she always tries to do is to try to see different situations from different people’s perspectives. She constantly is reminding me to consider how others see a situation and to double check my facts so I can form a well thought out and formulated opinion. This is something she uses to see the world in a different light in order to create the best and most positive outcome for those around her!

We both love to serve within our communities and within the church, as well as focusing on our walks with God. This being said, it helps to promote our positive ideals in order to live a fulfilled life that is focused on encouraging others while doing our daily and out of the ordinary routines. We hope that you will join us on this daily journey as we look to Cure Negativity from the inside out.